Today, 1st February, is IMBOLC (in the northern hemisphere), the first Celtic festival in the Gregorian calendar year. This is one of the four Celtic fire festivals, a ‘cross quarter day’ which marks the approximate half way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Although it actually occurs in midwinter, it has traditionally been associated with the first signs of spring and the return of the sun. It is a moment to celebrate the coming of the lighter part of the year, when we can actually recognise that the days are getting longer and becoming warmer and the first shoots of spring plants can be seen.

It is also known as Brigid´s Day,

for the pre-Christian goddess from Irish mythology who is associated with poetry, healing, fertility, crafts and spring.  She can be honoured by cleansing both yourself and your home, lighting candles in her name, making a simple Brigid’s cross (as seen in the photo) and eating seasonal foods, with a plate laid out as an offering for her.

The day is known as “THE BEGINNING OF THE LIGHT” 

For this reason it feels appropriate today, to launch this new web page, this virtual home for the project Lunamor. From here I hope to bring light to those who visit the page, who come to a retreat, a yoga class, a workshop or to receive a therapeutic treatment. My dream is to inspire others to live a CONSCIOUS LIFE, as I am trying to do day by day. I hope that ultimately we can all love ourselves more and feel a deeper connection to nature and other beings.


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