Conscious life

At times it can be a challenge to live consciously. At times the fast pace of modern life, our responsibilities at home and at work, devotion to digital technology all keep us detached from what is real and truly important: our connection to nature, our self-love, our wellbeing.

At lunamor we offer you a chance to reconnect with yourself, with the natural world, time to contemplate how you can have a more conscious life.

Take care of yourself in Casa Luna

Casa Luna is a smallholding situated in the rural area around the town of Conil de la Frontera and 5 kilometres from the Costa de la Luz with its beautiful virgin coastline. It is surrounded by the pine forest of Roche and within walking distance of the small village of El Colorado.


Relax in the garden, receive a therapeutic massage, explore your capabilities in a yoga class, swim in the ocean, eat healthy organic food prepared with love… these are some of the ingredients we recommend to improve your general wellbeing.


The yoga we practice here has nothing to do with tying yourself in knots. It is an opportunity to quieten your mind, listen to the needs of your whole being and respond with honor and caring. It is a meditative, loving experience where you can come to know and understand yourself better.


It is a sacred, sensual and healing energy which is found in all of us, women and men. It is receptivity and presence, connection to the earth’s natural cycles, harmony and respect, both for ourselves and everything around us. In lunamor we support your connection with this beautiful potential.

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I really love my work. I spent many years trying different jobs and paths. Until I started to wake up spiritually in 2000, I felt quite lost in the world and was confused about my purpose and my place. Then little by little, I began to develop a yoga practice. I was...

MULADHARA – Root Chakra

MULADHARA – Root Chakra

The 7 chakras are a series of primary energy centres located in the energy body or ‘Pranamaya Kosha’, though they have reference points in the physical body and affect us on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental planes. The first of these chakras is called...

YOGA – In Life as in Practice

YOGA – In Life as in Practice

For me, the practice of Yoga is a path of consciousness; enabling me to experience life in a way that makes sense, providing tools to be the best version of myself. The philosophy of Yoga allows me to see things from a growthful perspective, elevating my experience...

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