Just before midnight on June 20th in central Europe, the Northern Hemisphere reaches its closest point to the Sun, marking the longest day and shortest night of the year, and known as the Summer Solstice.  It’s the first day of summer and traditionally a time to kick back and enjoy some rest as the seeds we sowed back in the winter and nurtured in the spring reach maturity.


On this special day, the Arctic Circle is blessed with almost 24 hour sunlight; yet it is also the point which marks the beginning of shorter days and longer nights. So within the joyful celebration abounding at this time, there is the bitter-sweet realisation of the return of winter.

Because of our proximity to the sun during this time, there is a lot of energy available and all life in the north of the Earth benefits from this light, heat and strong pranic force.

This festival has traditionally been associated with fire. A direct source of energy of course, though symbolically fire represents a cleansing, purifying force; a way of purging the old to make room for the new and transforming many elements from one state into another.

There isn’t a better time to tap-in to the blazing energy of our closest star: by acknowledging your previous hard work, those accomplishments you’ve had to rely on your own ‘inner-fire’ to create; to bask in the contentment of any peaks you’ve reached along the way; to give thanks for the abundance of life and to take stock of any metaphorical ‘deadwood’.

What’s holding you back right now, what would you be lighter without and what can you use the cleansing power of fire to help you release?




New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse

In 2020 just hours after the solstice, the new moon passes directly between Earth and Sun, creating a total eclipse visible from Africa and parts of Asia. This astronomical/astrological phenomenon provides fertile ground for setting intentions to take us forward through the next decade and beyond, so it’s wise to be mindful and ‘be careful what you wish for’.


Being outdoors and barefoot, maybe on a beach, lawn, or forest, imagining the energy of the Sun cascading through your Crown chakra, while absorbing the grounding force of our Earth mother, is a useful practice while the energy is so high; as is turning inward and taking a metaphorical – and literal – deep breath and pause for contemplation.

Remembering our humanity gives us limitations, while our true Spiritual nature aligns us with love and growth, can give us the space we need to allow the overwhelming impact of this auspicious time to have its most beneficial outcome.


While the energy peaks on the solstice, its effects can be felt for days on either side, so buckle-up and enjoy the ride; Summer Solstice 2020 is coming on strong.


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