Imbolc 2021

The wheel of the year continues to turn, and this particular seasonal demarcation not only celebrates the return of the light, it denotes a whole year since the launch of the Lunamor website and my very first blog. As my life purpose proceeds to unfold and become manifest in the world around me, and I learn to embrace and embody more of my true, higher nature, I am reminded of the importance of allowing my light to shine as brightly as possible. It is the motivation of sharing this light which moves me to share my knowledge and experience through classes, therapeutic healing sessions, retreats and to blog, with more frequency, especially now as the world seems confounded by the grip of metaphorical darkness.

For almost a year our global societies have been rendered immobile, and pretty-much everyone’s lives placed on hold, as we live with the consequences of how a formerly unknown virus has been handled by those in power. We are navigating our way through a quagmire of misinformation, propaganda, distorted truth, and downright lies. Finding a pathway to ‘truth’ is tricky. Additionally people have been conditioned to live in doubt of their own health (due to the notion of being ‘asymptomatic’), and fear; of the virus, certainly, but also their own families and loved ones, human contact, of living naturally and ultimately, of dying, which is part of our ordinary cycle of existence.

Disconnection from one another, nature, our own inner-worlds, and therefore Source-energy, has been promoted as necessary; yet conversely, it is these very conditions which allow dis-ease to thrive. Our sense of what is ‘normal’ has shifted, as we have had to move our goal-posts in our strive to survive. I encourage you to ask yourself: “Is it possible to live well during these particularly difficult times?” Whether your immediate answer is yes, or no, I invite you to explore harnessing the power of the quarter-days (solstices and equinoxes) and cross-quarter-days to help.

An optimal time for ‘spring-cleaning’, 

Imbolc was drawn into the Christian calendar and renamed: ‘Candlemas’, and sits at the point of mid-winter, half-way between Yule (winter solstice) and Ostara (spring equinox). I feel a oneness with the ancient Celtic-Pagan festivals because they act as a reminder to connect with the changing seasons and draw-on the traditional wisdom, rituals and magic used by our ancestors at these times of high, astrological energy and perceivable physical phenomena. The word itself, taken from old Irish, means “in the belly” and refers to the fact that lambing-season will soon be upon us; a reminder of one aspect of the symbolic nature of this time: fertility and birthing.

Implicit within the concepts of fertility and birth are those of hope, growth, transformation and nurturing, all of which we can intentionally utilise during this time. As well as these aspects, Imbolc has historically heralded the returning of the light, because around now we can really notice a substantial increase in daylight hours since Yule marked the onset of winter with the shortest day.

This reminder of fertility is especially significant in 2021; since although we need light to flourish, we need the darkness to nourish. The seeds of intention we planted back at the winter solstice (you might call them ‘new-year’s resolutions) need this time to take root in our subconscious before they blossom in the manifest world as outcomes and opportunities later in the year. This is always the case, but particularly pertinent during this time of collective global pause.

We can assist this growth by pruning and weeding. Not just our gardens, though it is an excellent time to do so, but within the realm of our own being. What limiting thoughts and feelings are occurring, and what emotional frameworks do we inhabit which are less than optimal? The narrative around the ‘pandemic’ is overwhelmingly fearful, and the presentation of statistical information inconsistent and often misleading, guiding us to ‘worst-case-scenario’ conclusions and building our fears of “what if…”?

Meanwhile, there is little to no discourse on the ‘nocebo effect’; the well-documented and very real occurrence, usually as a flipside to ‘placebo’, where people feel ill and actually become ill, simply due to the suggestion they might. Inducing people to be fearful of one another and of life itself is therefore bound to bring about negative unhealthy states, which we can mobilise the cleansing aspects of Imbolc to combat in several ways. 

Connection with nature is vital. If going for a walk in the park or sitting under a favourite tree for a few minutes is all we can manage then great, it will be beneficial. If we can take off our shoes and walk barefoot on the Earth or immerse ourselves in water, then that would be amazing. We can also connect by way of the foods we eat, and organic, plant-based foods offer optimal benefits as they contain a high-energy frequency. One of the simplest and most powerful tools we can employ is that of being grateful and remembering to give daily thanks; for what ‘is’ today, and for what is coming tomorrow.

The ‘pruning’ mentioned earlier can be achieved by mindful practice and being aware of our thoughts and feelings. When we feel ourselves being swallowed by darkness, taking a breath and reminding ourselves to connect with our higher, more evolved consciousness is one way of achieving this. I find the use of affirmations extremely helpful in re-balancing the negative programming picked up in the world. I would also like to offer this meditation which you may find useful in helping to prune or ‘spring-clean’ your mind of unwanted negative attachments: 

A daily practice of yoga or martial-arts serves a number of functions: moving the body and offering exercise, which improves circulation and strengthens the immune system; while the meditative quality to the practice of Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga helps us slow down and connect with peace in our internal worlds. It may be a good time to consider the inclusion of several ‘sun-salutations’ to your morning routine in addition to any classes you may do. If you would like more information about joining my online ZOOM yoga class on Tuesdays, please drop me a line at Also, feel free to explore the classes that are already on facebook live, such as this one:

As part of my own celebration of Imbolc, I like to take time to do a simple ritual outside if possible and especially accompanied by a fire. Making a list of behaviours and habits we wish to release, then burning it in an intentional way, gives instructions to our subconscious that it’s time to let go of these patterns. It doesn’t have to be a huge fire; even a candle in a safe area will suffice, so long as the burning carries the intention of releasing what we’ve imbued into the page. These actions help our internal ‘weeding processes, and can create space in our mental gardens for new seeds to take root, our hopes and visions of the future we desire.

If you were awestruck as I was by the sight of the ‘Yule Star’, when our giant distant neighbours Jupiter and Saturn appeared to meet in the sky on the winter solstice, and were inspired by the hope and promise of a new dawn; yet have felt that hope dwindle during times of even greater restrictions: take heart. Let’s unite in the light of the coming spring, and harness the gifts presented by Imbolc; by spring-cleaning our mental and emotional selves, pruning away the negative gunk which has accumulated during the winter, and opening ourselves up to greater, loving connections.

I look forward to aligning with you as we continue to dream

ourselves awake and manifest a more conscious world.

We are connected.

With love Andi

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