I really love my work. I spent many years trying different jobs and paths. Until I started to wake up spiritually in 2000, I felt quite lost in the world and was confused about my purpose and my place. Then little by little, I began to develop a yoga practice. I was initiated into Reiki healing. Completing ‘The Artist’s Way’ course gave me more tools for exploring my destructive habits and for discovering my way.

Now many years have passed and I chose (and continue to choose) to dedicate myself to my own personal evolution. I have completed many professional and personal trainings including Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Transpersonal Coaching. And for the past 14 years I have been dedicated to offering regular yoga classes, retreats, workshops and massages.

Since 2015 I have been inspired more and more by tantra and continue to study both classical tantra and neo-tantra, which for me provide a superb structure for personal growth and evolution as well as opening us to encounter others in an intimate way.

Classical tantra is a deeply spiritual and personal path based on a collection of ancient texts from particular groups within Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The focus is on awakening to our true nature, which is consciousness itself.

Neo-tantra, however, is more focused on freeing energy blockages, self-healing, developing presence, deep self-observation, recognizing our own sexual energy and personal empowerment. It is through Neo-tantra that we encounter other beings and move to explore sacred sexuality.

From the summer of 2017 till 2020, I collaborated with ‘Proyecto Entre’ in creating and co-facilitating the retreats, ‘The Way of Ecstasy’ and later ‘Conscious Ecstasy’ which used tantra as a base for personal growth and exploration.

Recently I am more focused on my own project ‘Lunamor’ as a conduit for sharing my experiences with others and accompanying them on their own path of self-discovery. In 2022 I will be offering monthly taster workshops, ’A Touch of Tantra’ in Conil and Seville as well as more in-depth intensive, one-day workshops in Anayansi plus a residential retreat there in June.

Apart from that I am still offering holistic massages for women in Casa Luna and since 2020 I also offer tantric massage for women. The latter is a session of 2.5 hours, is profoundly intimate, loving and caring and we work together to release blockages in all parts of the physical, emotional and energetic body. As well as being a deep healing experience, it can stimulate sensitivity in the body and bring the receiver to experience heightened levels of pleasure and enjoyment.

Additionally, I am available for spiritual/emotional mentoring and processes of transpersonal life-coaching. These sessions can be done in person in Casa Luna or by video conference. They are available in English and Spanish.

Casa Luna itself has been evolving in these 4+ years since I have been here. It needs constant maintenance, like any property and we have done many needed renovations including building a new bathroom and installing a kitchen in ‘La Choza’, the little round cottage.

I used to rent out ‘La Cabaña’, the bigger wooden house, to visitors and for retreats, however, I am very happy to now have a wonderful couple living there on a year-round basis. Pili, Chus and I are all working on our own personal, emotional and spiritual development. We feel like part of an extended family and this feels nourishing on so many levels.

Since I started living and working here I have co-created personalized retreats in Casa Luna both for couples or small groups of friends/family. We work together to create a package that is affordable and covers the needs of those involved. I can offer accommodation for up to 6 people, yoga classes, tantra workshops, vegetarian cooking workshops, massages and some organic vegetarian meals.

La Choza is also available to rent for short periods, for anyone who is on a path of self-development. As we share communal spaces such as the garden and pool, it is important for me and the others who live here, that we are all comfortable in the finca.

If you are interested in receiving an holistic or tantric massage, emotional/spiritual mentoring, transpersonal coaching, co-creating a personalized retreat here in Casa Luna or simply renting out the cottage ‘La Choza’, please feel free to contact me. I can offer a free 30-minute video consultation if you would like to discuss your needs and the options available to support you in more depth.

Gift vouchers are also available for any of the services offered by Lunamor.

We are connected, now and always…

 With infinite love, Andi

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